Hello! Sharing a current story from a Single Dad and his daughter dealing with bullying in the Howard County Maryland area. It is our hope that your organization, media outlet or impactful voice of this generation will support this dad in his fight! Please read below and contact Mr. Moone for more information and to render support!!


Thank you!


Good morning,

I would like to report on the impact of bullying in Howard County Public Schools. It’s been stated that Howard County has one of the strictest Anti-bullying programs in the state; however, this is far from the truth given my personal account. Howard County was also recently ranked as the Number 1 school district in the stated of Maryland; however, I beg to differ. My daughter has been suffering at the hands of a bully who both goes to her school and lives in our neighborhood. Those empowered to ensure her protection within the Howard County School System have done little to ensure her protection and comfortability while she’s at school. What’s more the school system has failed me on multiple occasions in not informing me of the proper protocol to report bullying nor of my rights to report. As such, my daughter and I have suffered a great deal. I subsequently reached out to the Howard County Board of Education in an effort to facilitate an out of district transfer request at this has become a public safety issue. However unfortunate as it may be the Howard County Board of Education School Reassignment Office has been unwilling to treat it as such. With that in mind, I subsequently reached out to the Maryland State Board of Education as my daughter has reported to me on multiple occasions that she does not feel safe at school. The State Department of Education is doing what they can to help facilitate the transfer.  However unfortunately their hands are tied in this ordeal. A report/investigation should be conducted into bullying at Longfellow Elementary and Howard County Public Schools because if something isn’t done we’ll have other Grace McComa’s on our hands. ​I penned a write up of our litany of issues. It’s posted on WordPress. Please see here https://honeybeewordpresscom.wordpress.com. I have done all that I can too reach out to legislators, local news and media outlets, and national news and media outlets regarding the impact of bullying within the Howard County Public School Systems and Howard County in general. Please help us elevate our story and the issue regarding bullying in the school system. Please also see below for additional detail and help us get our story told. ​Please share, share, share while keeping in mind that this could be you and your and all children.


Dedrick Moone
A Humble Man and Loving Father