Mr. Moone,
I am writing only as an Individual, and do not represent the Board of Education in this communication.  Have you contacted the police?  I would.  Also, I would suggest you download and file the Parent Concern Form, and the Bullying Complaint Form.  This official documents should be filed at each instance of Bullying or Harassment.  You might also consider contacting our Office of Equity Assurance.   I am not sure whether they can help, but if the “sexual harassment” of your child is interfering with her ability to access her education, then someone needs to intervene.

I cannot, obviously, comment on the particulars of your complaints.  This is the advice I would give any parents having issues that have not been resolved with the informal methods you have already tried.  I am so sorry your family is having such a difficult time.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with these forms.
Individual Member of the Board of Education
speaking as an individual.

Individual Member of the Board of Education