HoCo Citizens Complaint on Institutional Abuse, An Email to Attorney General Frosh

Good morning,

My daughter and I have been through the ringer in dealing with the institutions that are charged to protect, serve, and administer justice within Howard County. The issue is not only holding those that have harmed us accountable but also protecting other children and families from the same litany of abuse and injustice that we have endured. At issue is also trying to get us some peace and justice in our community. I have done all that I can from a legal standpoint in contacting the Howard County Sheriff’s Department, Howard County Police Department, Howard County Social Services, Howard County Juvenile Services, and Howard County State Attorney’s Office.

I have Peace Orders established against the parents of my daughters harasser. These Peace Orders have been repeatedly violated this family yet the Howard County State Attorney’s Office has admitted an unwillingness to prosecute in incorrectly stating that the peace order does not provide provisions for protection for me when it in fact does.  The Howard County Police Department and Sheriff’s Department have been unwilling to act due to the age of my daughter’s offender. That in itself is understandable to a degree. However I have mentioned many times to them that this older child has committed these same acts upon children within our community and at Longfellow Elementary. Hence it’s not just my personal problem, it’s an institutional and community problem.

All that being said, I have penned a letter (Please see attached) that details my litany of concerns regarding the institutions in Howard County. I believe it critical that you look into this as it deals with public safety and justice for all individuals within Howard County including myself. As a result, I spoke with David Little, Howard County Director of Constituent Services and Community Partnership at length regarding these matters on 2 February 2016. While Mr. Little was empathetic, his hands are tied as a member of the Howard County Executives Office as these institutions report to the State of Maryland Versus Howard County. With all of that being said, it is my sincere hope that you will afford me the same platform in discussing these matter not only for myself but on behalf of all citizens in Howard County once you have had an opportunity to peruse the attached letter. Thank you for all that you do on behalf of all of the residents of this great State of Maryland.

Dedrick Moone

A Humble and Loving Father and Concern Citizen

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