Letter to and Response From President Obama Regarding Bullying in HCPSS – Submitted to Washington Post and Baltimore Sun

Good afternoon,

My daughter and I have been through the ringer in dealing with HCPSS. My daughter is being bullied & tormented by another child who attends her school & lives in our community. This other child has assaulted my daughter on multiple occasions. She has also attempted to sexually violate my daughter on multiple occasions. She has also spread ungodly rumors about my daughter at school & in our community. What’s sad is that my daughter is only 8 years old whereas the other child is 9. The bullying is so out of hand that my daughter is afraid to go to school or even outside & play in our community. To make matters worse is that the other child’s parents have stalked, harassed, & threatened us with acts of physical violence, murder, & made mockeries of my disability status. I submitted an out of District Transfer Request to Ron Morris, HCPSS Director of Elementary Education on 11/9/15. Mr. Morris advised me that he was not the decision authority of such requested but that he would advocate on my behalf. I followed up in speaking with Maryanne Thomas, School Reassignment Specialist on 11/20/15 in sharing our story of torment and fear of public safety with my daughter being at Longfellow Elementary. Nevertheless Ms. Thomas displayed a casual, nonchalant, and non-compassionate response to our plight. Having said that, she advised me that it she had the paperwork, that she was getting ready to leave for the afternoon, that she would look at it upon her return to duty, and that it would take approximately 2-4 weeks to process. I was visibly shaken and flabbergasted by her lack of compassion in knowing our story as I truly fear(ed) for my daughter. As a result, I decided to go above her head in reaching out directly to Dr. Renee Foose, HCPSS Superintendent, Christine O’Connor, Howard County Board of Education Chariman, Ellen Flynn Giles, Vice Chairman, Ann Delacey, Janet Saddiqui, Cindy Vaillancourt, and the HCPSS Ombudsmen regarding the matter. However unfortunate as it may be I only received a response and compassion from Ms. Vaillancourt.  Consequently I then reached out to Dr. Michael Ford, School Safety Specialist, MD State Department of Education regarding these matters Dr. Ford has been compassionate in an effort to bring forth a resolution yet his hands were tied as he lacked authority to enforce action upon HCPSS

Consequently I felt compelled to reach out to President Obama, Congressmen Elijah Cummings, Congressmen Donna Edwards, Congressmen Guy Guzzone, Congressmen Nancy Pelosi, Delegate Frank Turner, Delegate Warren Miller, and Allan Kittlemen, Howard County Executive. President Obama responded twice. He first responded in sending me a letter in advising me of various resources to use to combat bullying. He responded a second time in forwarding an executive action to the US State Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights to commence an investigation against HCPSS for violation of Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504. This complaint is currently under investigation.

Congressmen Elijah Cummings also responded to my complaint as well.

Several residents of Howard County and myself also followed suit in filing a class complaint with the US Department of Education based off of discrimination against race, sex, disability, age, origin, and retaliation.

Everything stated within goes hand-in-hand with the petition to not renew Renee Foose’s contract (http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cut-foose-loose). The Howard County Board of Education has used various strategies to try and discredit those who have signed the petition and the factors stated within. However I do not believe that White House and Congressional action should be dare be discredited. The issues in Howard County Public Schools are horrible. We have to get the news out to the public regarding such matters.


Dedrick Moone
A Humble Man and Father


6 thoughts on “Letter to and Response From President Obama Regarding Bullying in HCPSS – Submitted to Washington Post and Baltimore Sun

  1. My friends have written a book called “The Bullying Antidote”. DR. Louise Hart, and her daughter Kristen Caven. Both women have relevant educations and live in Oakland, Ca. They are forming parent book clubs to get parents to change the culture of verbal and emotional abuse, bullying, gangs and Domestic Violence. Also there are groups, and organizations formed to stop heal, and re-educate people from all the forms of the abuse of power. Thanks for being man enough to Stand up and say STOP NOW.

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  2. Hi Carol,
    Thank you for your comment, response, feedback, and encouragement. It truly eases my spirit in knowing that I’m not alone in this battle and that some people are actually out there listening. I will search for the book in addition to linking up with the groups that you prefaced. Thank you so much.


  3. Dear Mr. Dedrick Moone,

    I admire your perservrance and fight to protect your child. It’s only through this type of tenacity and exposure that others become aware and empowered. I pray for peace and joy for you and your child.

    Through my own personal experience with my daughter in HCPSS I can relate to your experience. I’ve come to realize some Communities in Howard County are living about 60 years removed from reality. Discrimination is rampant in Howard County.

    I would recommend you check out the website for The Council of Elders of the Black Community of Howard County (TCOE) for further support and direction.


    1. Your skin color, disability, race, or sex seem to matter in dealing with HCPSS as it appears that anything outside of the minority will be discriminated against in some form or fashion. While Maryland has implemented Graces Law, it truly baffles me that HCPSS has not yet learned the lessons from the experience to protect other children. That in and of itself is truly sickening and disheartening by every stretch of the imagination. I will continue to fight on for my daughter as she’s my most precious and treasured gift. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I will certainly follow your recommendation in checking into the Council of Elders as you prefaced. I sincerely appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.


      1. My daughter has been through a similar situation with what I would call the opposite of support from the administration. The no bullying policies are a joke! There is little to no punishment for the bullies and in our case my daughter was “bullied” by the school administrators as well.
        I have removed my child from Hcpss, but the trauma to her cannot be reversed. Ironically we moved here specifically for the “great” school system. The whole system needs a reboot, our children need to be safe at school! Number one priority. They should worry less about the plethora of testing and more about the well being of our children!


      2. Heidi,
        That is so sad to to hear. I’m truly sorry to hear that your daughter has had to endure such trauma. It truly pains my heart to know that such things are happening in not only Howard County but also across this nation. It’s further disgusting that the bullying actually came from the Adminstrators. I have never heard of such a thing in all of my days. With that being said, I can certainly imagine that your daughter and you both have developed trust issues. And who wouldn’t under those type of conditions. Bravo to you however in taking a stand for your daughter and pulling her out. I will be praying for the two of you that you may be able to move past this trauma.


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