2nd Letter to Dr. Phil

A grown woman and her child have been harassing my daughter and I for nearly a year. They have called my daughter and myself all types of derogatory terms, accused my child of doing things completely unconscionable and unbecoming of an 8 year old, and have even assaulted your child on multiple occasions in both a violent and sexual nature. These physical acts of violence include the other child placing her hands around my daughters neck and choking her on at least 3 or 4 occasions within the community that we live in. They also include attempting to choke and drown your daughter at your community pool. Further incidents include punching your daughter in the stomach and kicking and stomping her as she lied prone on the ground after. What’s more, is that my daughter has been subjected to inappropriate touch via a sexual variety by her perpetrator. Those whom are empowered to protect my daughter and I have done little of nothing to protect her. As such, she’s now afraid to go to school or even go outside and play in our community. Dr. Phil please help.


Dedrick  Moone
A Humble Man and Father


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