1st Letter to Dr. Phil

Imagine for a moment that 1st time that you held your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter in your arms. Recall in those tender moments how beautiful you knew and thought they were as you gazed down at them. Can you remember the promises that you made to them? I promised my daughter that I would never let her fall, that I would never drop her, that I would give her all of my love, protect and provide for her, and give my very last breath for her if need be. As a result, I fought her mother for custody during the course of our divorce and won. I have sense been raising my daughter by myself as a single parent for the past 6 years. Now imagine for a moment that a grown woman and her child have been harassing you and your child for nearly a year. That grown woman and her child have called your daughter and yourself all types of derogatory terms, accused your child of doing things completely unconscionable and unbecoming of an 8 year old, and has even assaulted your child on multiple occasions in both a violent and sexual nature. These physical acts of violence include the other child placing her hands around your daughters neck and choking her on at least 3 or 4 occasions within the community that you live in. They also include attempting to choke and drown your daughter at your community pool. Dr. Phil please help.


Dedrick Moone
A Humble Man and Father


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