Personal Nomination for Teacher of the Year

Dear Selection Committee,

Jennifer Ludwig is a full time educator and teacher at Longfellow Elementary School in Columbia, MD.  Mrs. Ludwig was formerly my daughter’s second grade teacher.  My daughter suffers from school refusal (phobia) due to unresolvable and ongoing issues at Longfellow Elementary.  As such, I submitted an out of district transfer request to Howard County Public Schools on November 9, 2015.

Those issues stated above present no negative bearing on Mrs. Ludwig whatsoever.  Mrs. Ludwig continuously went above and beyond in making herself available to discuss any and all things related to my daughter’s education and health and wellbeing.  It did not matter whether it was morning, noon, or night as Mrs. Ludwig was/is always available during and after school hours.  Mrs. Ludwig offered many words of wisdom, encouragement, and advice from one parent to the next.  She always has/had a smile on her face in all of her interactions with students and parents of diverse classes and populations.  I have personally witnessed her giving several students high fives, smiles, and winks of the eye in making them fell as if they were her own children.  These observations were made during the course of my many visits to the Longfellow Elementary Campus and her classroom.  Mrs. Ludwig was/is very transparent and informative about what was occurring and forthcoming from an educational standpoint in her classroom.  She also gave and provided several references towards additional educational references beyond what was required in an effort to further prepare for the future (middle and high school).

I would have made efforts to get my daughter transferred to another school much sooner were it not for Mrs. Ludwig’s caring and loving nature.  As a matter of fact, my daughter expressed to the Longfellow Administration and I that Mrs. Ludwig was/is the lone educator that she trusted with reference to her troubles.  Consequently my daughter expressed to me that she will sorely miss Mrs. Ludwig in transferring to her new school.  I wholeheartedly second her thoughts in that regard as I truly believe that Mrs. Ludwig is not only the best teacher in Howard County but also the entire Washington DC Metro Area.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciate Mrs. Ludwig for all of the positive contributions that she made towards my daughters academic pursuits and my family’s life during our time at Longfellow Elementary.  Howard County would truly be the best school system [beyond test scores] if it had more teachers like Mrs. Ludwig as she is truly a jewel.  As a point of note, my daughter gave Mrs. Ludwig a red/crystal apple that say’s Number 1 teacher on it.  For those reasons stated within, I believe that Mrs. Ludwig is definitely the teacher of the year.



Dedrick L. Moone
A Humble Man and Father


Girl Scouts Rule


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