Letter to the HoCo Board of Education, HCPSS, School Administration, State Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Services, Social Services…

Good morning,

My daughter and I have been living in imminent fear and danger of our lives by the hands of VM, ARM and their juvenile child MM. As a result, we have been staying away from home with a friend for some time now. My daughter has expressed a fear of continuing to attend school at Longfellow Elementary due to the trauma that she has endured over an extended period of time at the hands of the MR family namely MM. Simply stated she has developed School Phobia (School Refusal) as a result of this trauma.

With all of that being said, I submitted a request that my daughter be allowed to transfer to another school on 11/9/15 so as to give her and I both some peace of mind. We have yet to receive a response back from the Howard County School Reassignment Office. Hence I escalated matters to President Obama, select members of Congress, Allan Kittlemen, Renee Foose, Frank Eastham, the Howard County Board of Education, State Department of Education, US Department of Education, Juvenile Services, Howard County District Court (Judge Reese), and Howard County Social Services regarding said matter.

I have made a parental judgment decision and call that I will refrain from sending my daughter back to school at Longfellow Elementary under the juris of public safety as I do not believe that that the school has the capacity to protect her from additional abuse and harm at the hands of MM and her parents. As a result, I have spoken with Frank Eastham, HCPSS Executive Director School Improvement and Administration at length regarding either an out of district transfer and/or home teaching. I have advised Mr. Eastham that my daughter will remain home until said time that either of my requests are approved. As such, there is no truancy whatsoever as I am doing what is necessary to ensure my daughter’s protection. With that being said, I am not certain how you want to annotate her absences while a solution is being worked out but she certainly will not be present.


Dedrick Moone
A Humble Man and Father


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