Letter to the White House

Good morning sir,

My daughter and I have been through the ringer in dealing with HCPSS. My daughter is being bullied & tormented by another child who attends her school & lives in our community. This other child has assaulted my daughter on multiple occasions. She has also attempted to sexually violate my daughter on multiple occasions. She has also spread ungodly rumors about my daughter at school & in our community. The bullying is so out of hand that my daughter is afraid to go to school or even outside & play in our community. To make matters worse is that the other child’s parents have stalked, harassed, & threatened us with acts of physical violence, murder, & made mockeries of my disability status. I have spoken with the HoCo BoE regarding an Out of District Transfer Request for my daughter; however, my pleas to Dr. Renee Foose, HCPSS Superintendent, Christine O’Connor, HoCo BoE Chairman, etc have remained unfruitful. As a result, I reached out to Dr. Michael Ford with the MD State Dept of Ed regarding these matters. Dr. Ford has been compassionate in an effort to bring forth a resolution yet his hands are tied as he lacks executive authority.

I have peace orders in place to protect us from this other child & her parents. Nevertheless, I do not believe that the severity & impact of our sufferings are truly being considered by HCPSS, HoCo Dept of Juvenile Services, or even the State Attorney’s Office. The other child’s father has engaged in activities that both violate the in-place peace order & also violate the provisions of MD Criminal Code 3-802 & 3-803 in threatening both of our lives.

The mother has followed suit in also violating the conditions of the peace order & the provisions of MD Criminal Code 3-804. She has also violated MD Criminal Code 3-805. With everything being said, we have been living in imminent fear & danger of our lives for an extended period of time. As such, we have been staying with a friend & living away from home since 12/29/15 & off/on prior. What’s more, I have also made a judgment decision that I will refrain from sending my daughter to school for the under the juris of public safety as I do not believe that that the school has the capacity to protect my daughter from additional abuse & harm. As a result, I have spoken with HCPSS at length regarding either an out of district transfer &/or home teaching. I have advised them that my daughter will remain home with me until said time that one of my requests are approved. This should not be given that we live in the most civilized nation in the world. Please help


Dedrick L. Moone
A Humble Man and Father


4 thoughts on “Letter to the White House

  1. You are a good father, and I truly hope and pray that a quick resolution to this continuing trauma is found. HCPSS and other agencies risks lives not only by failing to act in a timely fashion, but also by sending a message that the health and safety of the child doesn’t matter…Grace felt this as an adolescent and it was damaging.


    1. Not only does something need to be done in Howard County about bullying but something also needs to be done across this nation about bullying. I say this in large part because you are 100% correct that failure to acknowledge, act in a timely manner, failure to intervene in lieu of focusing on STEM and Common Core puts an entire nation of children at risk. How will the children that survive these things be able to cope with the daily rigors of life as they reach adolescence and adulthood when they have been so traumatized? As I said before, I applaud you 3 times over for continuing the fight not only for your child but all of our nations children. You are an inspiration and a jewel to behold.


      1. I am so sorry that you and your daughter have to go through such unacceptable behavior from HCPPS. I too share a similar experience.Several years back( 2006) my daughter went to WLHS, she was punched in the eye by another student, while the attackers friends recorded this on their cell phones. This attack was unprovoked, accept for the fact that the attacker was jealous of my daughter. After the attack the school nurse contacted me after at least an hour. The school resource officer, The principal, and vice principal of the school never contacted me,and as a matter of fact were too busy to speak to me upon my arrival to WLHS to pick up my daughter, after this occurred. They never reached out to me anytime in the years afterwards.Right after the attack I took my daughter to Howard County General Hospital and she was diagnosed with muscular damage, to the injured eye, which required several months of treatment at Wilmer Eye Institute in Howard County . We did press charges against the attacker, but her dad is a Howard County public defender so we met obstacles within the Howard County legal system as well. My daughter continued her high school years at WLHS, fearful of the attacker. Today my daughter is thankfully a caring, passionate, and successful adult and she has no residual eye issues. So as you see this has been occurring within the HCPSS for many years. I now have the luxury of staying home and homeschooling my high school son instead of putting him in HCPSS. Bullying, and the ignoring of it by HCPSS administrators has been occurring way to long. Please continue your fight and no you are not alone.

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  2. Debra,

    I had no idea that bullying was so prevalent in HCPSS beyond the stories of my and the McComas family. Your story is so sad. I am truly sorry that your family had to endure such trauma. The system within HCPSS is truly not setup to afford parents recourse without them exhausting every fiber of their being to protect their children. Hence it is truly heartbreaking as I sit here and ponder what more are we to do as parents and a community to do to protect our children while they’re at school. I am completely aghast and heartbroken by your story. But I’m certainly glad that your daughter has grown past this to become a well adjusted individual and young lady. God bless your family and thank you for sharing your story.


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