Letter to the State Attorney, HoCo BoE, HoCo Executive, and Select Members of Congress

Good morning,

As a follow-up, I believe the severity and impact of my and my daughters torment may have been undersold or perhaps misunderstood during the course of our intake session on 1/4/16.  The other child’s father not only violated the conditions of the peace order that is/was in place but he also engaged in activities that violated the provisions of MD Criminal Code 3-802 (stalking) and 3-803 (harassment). As stated previously, he stalked me from behind in his motor vehicle, rolled down his window as he pulled up beside me, followed me around the corner to my home in his motor vehicle, and again threatened to inflict physical harm upon my daughter and myself. He also threatened my and my daughters life for at least the 3rd time.

Another point of note, is that the other child’s mother not only violated the provisions of the no-contact peace order but she also violated the provisions of MD Criminal Code 3-804 (telephone misuse) when she either encouraged or was generally/reasonably aware that her daughter had been contacting my daughter by telephone in an effort to harass, annoy, abuse, and further torment her. The other child’s mother also violated MD Criminal Code 3-805 (Graces Law, Electronic Harassment of a Minor) by using that same electronic equipment to engage in a course of conduct that inflicts emotional distress on a minor… As a result, I was forced to subsequently change my daughters cell phone number in an effort to further ensure her protection when this matter was brought to my attention. I have attached a screenshot of that change request. I have however redacted the file to ensure protection of that private data. Another point of note, is that the other child’s mother entered a motion on 11/30/15 in requesting that said peace order be modified so as to allow her to volunteer at….Elementary School. The reason that this is important is that, the second graders were participating in a field trip to Toby’s Diner on… The school solicited parental volunteers for the event. Allowing the other child’s mother to participate in school events and be on school premises would have allowed additional space and opportunity to further inflict emotional and/or physical harm upon my daughter. Thankfully Judge Reese had the wherewithal, foresight, and wisdom to see through her frivolous and heinous request. As such she denied the modification petition on 12/15/15. This qualifies as an additional form of harassment in my humble opinion.

With everything being said and done, my daughter and I are and have been living in imminent fear and danger of our lives for an extended period of time.  As a result, we have been staying with a friend and living away from home since 12/29/15 and off/on since prior. What’s more, I have also made a parental judgment decision that I will refrain from sending my daughter back to school at ….Elementary for the immediate future under the juris of public safety as I do not believe that that the school has the capacity to protect my daughter from additional abuse and harm at the hands of …  As a result, I have spoken with Frank Eastham, HCPSS Executive Director School Improvement and Administration at length regarding either an out of district transfer and/or home teaching. I have advised Mr. Eastham that my daughter will remain home with me until said time that either of my requests are approved. Another point of note that I mentioned to Mr. Eastham and Ron Morris, HCPSS Executive Director of Elementary Education is that I am also considering allowing my daughter to move out of state to spend the remainder of the school year with my mother in North Carolina so as to further ensure her safety from…

This should not be given that we live in the most civilized nation in the world. With everything being said, I am trusting in you as members of the State Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Services to take all immediate and appropriate legal actions under criminal law enforcement. I am also trusting in HCPSS that my request for a transfer will finally be honored under the provisions of public safety.


Dedrick Moone
A Humble Man and Father


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