8 Year Old Bullying Victim Kicks Off Howard County Town Hall on Education

A funny thing happened after my daughter and I kicked off yesterday’s Town Hall on Education with the Howard County Public School System. There were looks of horror as she recanted her nightmare of bullying and harassment. It was accompanied by her fear to go to school or even outside to play. The Howard County Board of Education and….Elementary long ignored our concerns. What’s more they failed to inform me of our basic rights under Grace’s Law. My daughters school…Elementary decided to follow me on Twitter after witnessing folks give my daughter a standing ovation for her bravery. They decided to follow me on Twitter after witnessing folks empathize with her regarding her horror story of being afraid to go to school because of the rampant bullying or even go outside and play in the community. Having done all of this….Elementary decided that they wanted to hear what I have to say after witnessing folks run out of the room to give my daughter and I hugs and handshakes after hearing our testimony. This is of particular note as Ron Morris, Director of Elementary Education made the call to ban me from…Elementary with the exception of pickup and drop-off once I raised the issue regarding bullying, lack of accountability, lack of information dissemination regarding our rights, and lack of disciplinary procedures for bullying and harassment at….Elementary. It is my opinion that in deciding to follow me on Twitter, that….Elementary wanted to perhaps know what I more we were sharing after I put we put the administration on report in front of elected officials…..Elementary decided that they wanted to be informed after witnessing folks tweeting and empathizing with me from the room. If this story is not told, we will have more Grace McComa’s on our hands. Please see attached and investigate.

Dedrick Moone
A Humble and Loving Father




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