Turned Away From Attending Honors Assembly

​Good morning sir,

I spoke briefly with Ms. Marsh regarding the ongoing issues. We have a telephone conference scheduled for Monday at 9:30.

On another note, I’m not certain if you are aware or not, but my daughter is an honor student. She has been as such ever since she was in Pre-K. At any rate,….was hosting an assembly today to recognize those students. With that in mind, I have always been a very involved parent in her school activities, functions, and everything that you could imagine as I’m all that she has and vice versa. At any rate, Ms. Marsh advised me that I would not be able to participate in the Honors Ceremony as I am only allowed to drop my daughter off and pick her up. I put no argument up in that regard. Nevertheless my daughter was fully expecting me to be there as I always have been. I didn’t even have an opportunity to inform her that I would not be able to attend after all. Can you imagine how she must feel when she looks back and the one person that’s always been there for her isn’t there?

Can you imagine how I must feel when the schools beg for parent involvement particularly from that of fathers and I’m disallowed from being able to have lunch with my daughter or even participate in her honor ceremonies?

Please do whatever you can to push the matter through so as my daughter and I may have some peace with regards to her education.


Dedrick Moone

A Humble and Loving Father

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