Follow-up With the Howard County Director of Elementary Education

Good afternoon sir,

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to address my concerns as a parent [of an honor student in HCPSS]. Your attentiveness, compassion, and concern go along way in restoring a little bit of my faith.

As a recap, for those who were not on the call, we addressed the previous and current issues of bullying, harassment, and intimidation brought upon my daughter….by…..and her parents. We also discussed the perceived lack of consequences and corrective actions at… that regard. Furthermore we also discussed…..lack of information dissemination in notifying my family and I of the appropriate steps to take to report such harassment.  As a point of note, I happened across a new article in the Columbia Patch that details the new online bullying reporting system (Spriego).

As a follow-up action, you also informed me that while you’re not the decision authority on school reassignment/transfers, you will forward the reassignment paperwork to said official. With that in mind, you also stated that you would provide a synopsis of my concerns so as they can hopefully understand the criticality of the matter at hand and that they may follow up with me personally in that regard. I also expressed my loss of trust in the administration at…..with everything being considered. Nevertheless I am not exactly closed minded in meeting with them while these hours are being worked through. With that in mind, I expressed reluctance and unwillingness to continue to reach out to them. As such, you advised that you would reach out to the administration and ask that they follow up with me regarding my previous and on-going concerns.

Please let me know if I perhaps failed to capture anything.


Dedrick Moone
A Humble and Loving Father


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